Bevy Jam #4 data exploration

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The fourth Bevy Jam (themed “That’s a LOT of Entities!”) offers an opportunity to look at how different people use Bevy (at least in the context of a game jam) in December 2023 - which features they use, which crates they use to augment Bevy, and also which asset types they use. This can help highlight commonly used features or dependencies that might encourage further development, or infrequently used or avoided features that may need better documentation, examples, or improvements.

It also offers an opportunity to compare this December 2023 state to:

Some summary highlights

Of the 88 entries (up from 78 entries last jam), 65 (vs. 57 last jam) had code repository links discoverable from their page. Of the top 25 entries, 20 (same as last jam) had such links.


These are the direct expressed dependencies of the game project, representing what the game developer directly interacted with. I somewhat-arbitrarily decided what were “game development-related” vs. general Rust or infrastructural crates.

Bevy-specific dependencies

There were 72 unique dependencies built to work directly with Bevy. 37 of these were new relative to the first jam (vs. 38 new last jam). Only 33:q of these dependencies were used by more than a single project.

The highest-ranked new dependency is bevy_xpbd_3d, which is a physics engine based on Extended Position Based Dynamics, landing at 10th position, while it’s 2D variant bevy_xpbd_2d landed at 16th position.

Besides the newcomers above, the biggest upward movers are bevy_embedded_assets up 28 positions from 40th to 12th, while both bevy_mod_picking and bevy_tweening rose 6 positions.

RankDependencyAll entriesTop 25 entriesCategoryDescription
1 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy-inspector-egui218DebuggingProvide ECS inspection via egui.
2 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy_asset_loader196AssetsPlugin to reduce boilerplate around asset loading, especially around game states transitions.
3 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy_rapier2d156PhysicsPlugin to use Rapier’s 2D physics engine
4 (πŸ“ˆ2)bevy_egui144Debugging / UIPlugin to set up and manage egui usage
5 (πŸ“‰4)bevy_kira_audio103AudioPlugin to use Kira, providing sound mixing and other features not available in the base audio plugin.
5 (πŸ“ˆ7)bevy_mod_picking1033D GamesPlugin for 3D mouse picking
7 (πŸ“ˆ6)bevy_tweening94AnimationTweening animation plugin.
8 (πŸ“‰3)leafwing-input-manager72InputAn input manager providing an ergonomic interface over the lower-level input system in Bevy
9 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy_editor_pls53Debugging / CreationWIP editor-use-case tooling
10 (πŸ†•)bevy_xpbd_3d50PhysicsA physics engine based on Extended Position Based Dynamics for the Bevy game engine
11 (πŸ“ˆ4)bevy_ecs_ldtk432D Games / TilemapsPlugin to integrate with the LDtk 2D level editor
12 (πŸ“ˆ28)bevy_embedded_assets42AssetsEmbeds assets into the binary for easier releases.
13 (πŸ“ˆ4)bevy_common_assets41AssetsBevy plugin adding support for common asset formats such as json and yaml
13 (πŸ“ˆ4)bevy_easings41AnimationsEasings on components using interpolation.
13 (πŸ“‰6)bevy_rapier3d41PhysicsPlugin to use Rapier’s 3D physics engine
16 (πŸ†•)bevy_xpbd_2d40PhysicsA physics engine based on Extended Position Based Dynamics for the Bevy game engine
17 (πŸ“‰9)iyes_progress33AssetsBevy plugin to help implement loading states (fka bevy_loading)
18 (πŸ“‰1)bevy_mod_debugdump32DebuggingVisualization tools for bevy
18 (πŸ“ˆ22)bevy_wasm_window_resize32Platformmakes application canvas match window size
20 (πŸ†•)bevy-persistent31Storage / PersistenceEasily manage resources that need to persist across game sessions
20 (πŸ“‰12)bevy_ecs_tilemap312D Games / TilemapsPlugin for tilemap rendering
20 (πŸ†•)bevy_rand31RandomnessA plugin to integrate rand for ECS optimised RNG for the Bevy game engine
23 (πŸ“ˆ6)bevy_framepace30RenderingFramepacing and framelimiting for Bevy
23 (πŸ“‰12)bevy_pkv30StoragePersistent key value store for apps/games
23 (πŸ“ˆ17)bevy_prototype_lyon302D graphicsPlugin to use Lyon, a 2D graphics library in Rust using path tessellation.
23 (πŸ“‰3)bevy_turborand30RandomnessA plugin to enable random number generation for the Bevy game engine, built upon turborand
27 (πŸ†•)bevy_nine_slice_ui21UIA nine slice/patch texture plugin for bevy ui nodes, works in wasm
27 (πŸ†•)bevy_spatial21ECSA bevy plugin to track your entities in spatial indices and query them
27 (πŸ“ˆ2)smooth-bevy-cameras21CameraBevy camera controllers with buttery, exponential smoothing
30 (πŸ“ˆ10)bevy-egui-kbgp20Debugging / UIimproved keyboard and gamepad usage for egui in Bevy
30 (πŸ“‰8)bevy_atmosphere20RenderingProcedural sky rendering plugin
30 (πŸ†•)bevy_gltf_components20AssetsDefine components inside gltf files to instantiate within Bevy
30 (πŸ†•)bevy_screen_diagnostics20DebuggingBevy plugin for displaying diagnostics on screen
34 (πŸ†•)bevy-scene-hook11?Scene manager proof-of-concept
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_basic_camera11CameraBasic FPS/Orbit Camera Controller for Bevy
34 (πŸ“‰8)bevy_hanabi11RenderingHanabi GPU particle system for the Bevy game engine
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_mesh_tools11?Tools for working with meshes in bevy
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_taa11RenderingTemporal Anti Aliasing for Bevy
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_picoui11UIA little immediate mode ui for bevy with no other dependencies.
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_pipelines_ready11RenderingBevy plugin for tracking render pipeline status
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_prng11RandomnessProvides newtyped RNGs for integration into Bevy
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_ridiculous_ssgi11RenderingExperimental Screen Space Global Illumination
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_smud112D Graphics2d sdf shape renderer plugin for Bevy
34 (πŸ†•)bevy_trauma_shake11CameraPlugin for shaking 2d cameras
34 (πŸ†•)shared_exponent_formats11RenderingSupport for texture formats that share exponents between colors
46 (πŸ“‰23)belly10UIDeclarative UI library
46 (πŸ“‰17)bevy-debug-text-overlay10DebuggingConvenient debug text overlay plugin.
46 (πŸ†•)bevy-progressbar10UICreate multi-sectioned progressbars and use them in the bevy ui
46 (πŸ“‰23)bevy-tnua10ControllerA floating character controller for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy-tnua-rapier2d10Rapier 2D integration for bevy-tnua
46 (πŸ†•)bevy-trait-query10ECSFacilitate ECS queries for traits of components.
46 (πŸ†•)bevy-ui-dsl10UIA DSL library that simplifies the creation of widgets for bevy_ui
46 (πŸ“‰17)bevy-ui-navigation10UIA generic UI navigation algorithm for the Bevy engine default UI library.
46 (πŸ“‰6)bevy-yoleck10CreationYour Own Level Editor Creation Kit
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_aseprite10AssetsBevy aseprite loader
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_asepritesheet10AssetsAseprite loader that handles animated asesprite sprite sheets
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_geppetto10TestingA proof-of-concept snapshot testing crate for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_gltf_blueprints10AssetsDefine Blueprints/Prefabs inside gltf files and spawn them in Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_level_edit10Level editingBevy Poly Level is a level editor and importer that can be integrated directly into your game
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_meshem10RenderingEfficiently generate meshes from a grid of voxels
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_billboard10RenderingBillboard text and texture support for bevy
46 (πŸ“‰20)bevy_mod_outline10Renderingdrawing outlines around meshes using the vertex extrusion method
46 (πŸ“‰6)bevy_mod_raycast103D GamesAllows easy 3D ray casting against meshes
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_panorbit_camera10CameraA basic pan and orbit camera in Bevy
46 (πŸ“‰17)bevy_polyline10RenderingPolyline Rendering for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_round_ui10UIA simple rounded-rect material shader for bevy_ui
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_scroller10RenderingParallax scroller plugin for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_toon_shader10RenderingToon shader for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_vector_shapes10Rendering / 2DA library for rendering vector shapes using the Bevy game engine
46 (πŸ†•)bevy_voxel_world10?A voxel world plugin for Bevy
46 (πŸ“‰23)noisy_bevy10Randomness / NoiseProcedural noise primitives for Bevy
46 (πŸ†•)orbit_tessellation10?Draw orbits and optionally tessellate them

The top 3 non-Bevy-specific gamedev dependencies stayed the same, while cpal arrived with 4 jam entries using it.

The number of dependencies used by more than a single entry more than doubled from 6 last jam to 13 this time.

RankDependencyAll entriesTop 25 entriesCategoryDescription
1 (=)rand5415RandomnessRandom number generation with multiple generators across multiple generation types
2 (=)image133GraphicsBasic image processing, converting to and from various image formats
3 (=)winit92PlatformCross-platform window creation library
4 (πŸ†•)cpal41AudioLow-level cross-platform audio I/O library in pure Rust
5 (πŸ“‰1)noise31NoiseProcedural noise generation library covering gradient, fBm, and Worley noise
5 (πŸ“ˆ14)rand_distr31RandomnessSampling from random number distributions
7 (πŸ†•)wgpu22Platform / GraphicsRusty WebGPU API wrapper
8 (πŸ†•)delaunator21Maths / GeometryA very fast 2D Delaunay triangulation library
8 (πŸ“‰1)pathfinding21PathfindingImplementations of several pathfinding, flow, and graph algorithms
8 (πŸ†•)rand_core21
11 (πŸ†•)dolly20CameraComposable camera rigs
11 (πŸ“‰6)rand_chacha20RandomnessCryptographically secure random number generation using ChaCha
11 (πŸ†•)rfd20PlatformCross platform library for using native file open/save dialogs
14 (πŸ†•)hexx11UtilityTools for working with hexagons - coordinate schemes, rendering, and so forth
14 (πŸ“‰7)rodio11AudioAudio playback library
14 (πŸ†•)sdfu11Graphics / RenderingSigned Distance Field/Function Utilities for analytic SDFs for computer graphics
17 (πŸ“ˆ2)egui10UIEasy-to-use immediate mode GUI that runs on both web and native
17 (πŸ†•)egui_extras10UIExtra functionality and widgets for the egui GUI library
17 (πŸ†•)graph10AlgorithmsA library of high-performant graph algorithms
17 (πŸ“‰10)interpolation10Animation+Interpolating between two numbers (finding points between on some non-uniform scale, often curves)
17 (πŸ†•)rapier2d10Physics2-dimensional physics engine in Rust.
17 (πŸ†•)texture_packer10TexturesA texture packing library using the skyline heuristic


Asset Categories

The largest trend at this macro level is the drop-off of font usage (down 11 entries despite 10 additional total entries) and 3D models (down 2). The trend of increasing shader usage continues.

Asset CategoryAll entriesTop 25 entries
Image56 (πŸ“ˆ5)20 (πŸ“ˆ1)
Audio41 (πŸ“ˆ1)17 (πŸ“ˆ2)
Font35 (πŸ“‰11)14 (πŸ“‰6)
Shader16 (πŸ“ˆ5)6 (πŸ“ˆ1)
Model15 (πŸ“‰2)3 (πŸ“‰2)
Data10 (πŸ“ˆ2)2 (πŸ“‰3)
Level4 (πŸ“‰1)3 (=)

Font asset formats

More entries got away without any fonts this time around. Fira, Roboto, and Poppins were the only three faces used multiple times.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
TrueType (ttf)32 (πŸ“‰10)13 (πŸ“‰5)
OpenType (otf)3 (πŸ“‰2)1 (πŸ“‰2)

Image asset formats

PNG continues its rule, pulling even further ahead, while Aseprite continues its increasing trend starting last jam.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
PNG55 (πŸ“ˆ6)19 (πŸ“ˆ1)
Aseprite9 (πŸ“ˆ3)2 (=)
JPEG4 (πŸ“‰1)1 (πŸ“‰2)
SVG3 (πŸ“ˆ2)1 (=)
Gif2 (πŸ†•)1 (πŸ†•)
Ktx21 (πŸ“‰1)1 (=)
Krita1 (=)0 (=)
Gimp (xcf)1 (πŸ“‰1)0 (πŸ“‰1)

Audio asset formats

Ogg increased its lead while Wav and Mp3 usage barely grew with the increased entries.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
Ogg31 (πŸ“ˆ4)11 (=)
Wav12 (πŸ“ˆ1)6 (πŸ“ˆ2)
Mp39 (πŸ“ˆ1)4 (=)

Model asset formats

3D model usage dropped slightly overall (14 vs. 17 last jam), with glb gaining while other formats lost.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
GLTF Binary (glb)13 (πŸ“ˆ2)2 (πŸ“‰1)
GTLF3 (πŸ“‰3)1 (πŸ“‰2)
Blender2 (πŸ“‰4)0 (πŸ“‰2)

Level asset formats

LDtk remains the preferred (and only) general format for level assets.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
LDtk4 (πŸ“‰1)3 (=)

Shader asset formats

Use of shaders continues increasing (15 vs. 11 and 4 in the last two jams), with WGSL reigning alone.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
WGSL16 (πŸ“ˆ5)6 (πŸ“ˆ1)

Data formats

(Since this relies on extensions, this can be fairly inaccurate.)

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
JSON6 (πŸ“ˆ3)0 (πŸ“‰2)
Ron4 (πŸ“‰1)2 (πŸ“‰2)

Game dependency and asset data

RankTitleDependenciesImage AssetsAudio AssetsModel AssetsOther Assets
1That’s a LOT of beeeeeesbincode, bitflags, delaunator, rand, serde, serde_json, strum, strum_macrosPng: 45Ogg: 2Ttf: 5, Wgsl: 7
2Bevy Jam Simulatorbevy_asset_loader, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_debugdump, bevy_mod_picking, format_num, iyes_progress, leafwing-input-manager, rand, ron, serde, strum, tap, wasm-bindgenPng: 26Ogg: 12Ron: 1, Ttf: 3
3entities’ reposebevy-inspector-egui, bevy-persistent, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_embedded_assets, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_debugdump, iyes_progress, rand, serdeAseprite: 1, Png: 8Ogg: 2Ttf: 1
5Enty TDbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_common_assets, bevy_nine_slice_ui, bevy_pipelines_ready, image, pathfinding, rand, ron, serde, strum, strum_macros, web-sysPng: 11Ogg: 6Ron: 2
6That’s a LOT of sheepbevy_asset_loader, bevy_spatial, cpal, image, rand, webbrowser, winitPng: 294Ogg: 15Glb: 2Wgsl: 4
7RRRRRRRRespawnbevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_rapier2dPng: 7Wav: 7Ldtk: 1, Ttf: 1
8Night Shiftbevy_egui, bevy_rapier2d, rand, rand_distrPng: 17Mp3: 7, Wav: 2Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 2
9That’s a LOT of Zombieslog, randPng: 1Mp3: 3Ttf: 1
10Tower Throwerbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_egui, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_tweening, num, randPng: 84Mp3: 6, Wav: 11
11Long Live the Queen Bee
12Triangle Apocalypsebevy-inspector-egui, bevy_egui, bevy_hanabi, bevy_smud, once_cell, rodio, sdfu, wasm-bindgenPng: 2Mp3: 2, Ogg: 16, Wav: 2Wgsl: 22
13Entsnoise, randPng: 23Ogg: 7
14Roboswarmbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_easings, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_rapier2d, embed-resource, image, rand, winitPng: 23Ldtk: 1, Otf: 1
15Worst Physics Engine Everbevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_embedded_assets, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_rapier2d, randPng: 14Ogg: 18Ldtk: 2, Ttf: 2
16Ghost Suckersβ„’bevy-inspector-egui, bevy-scene-hook, bevy_prng, bevy_rand, bevy_rapier3d, rand, rand_coreJpeg: 1, Png: 2Wav: 10Glb: 5Ttf: 1
17Last Standbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_tweening, bevy_wasm_window_resize, iyes_progress, rand, smooth-bevy-cameras, strumPng: 1Wav: 9Ttf: 1
18GAGGLEasync-channel, bevy_basic_camera, bevy_mod_mesh_tools, bevy_mod_taa, bevy_picoui, bevy_ridiculous_ssgi, bytemuck, futures-intrusive, pollster, shared_exponent_formats, wgpuKtx2: 4Gltf: 1Wgsl: 16
19That’s a LOT of Gizmos!
21QUACK!!! on ICEanyhow, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_tweening, bevy_wasm_window_resize, embed-resource, wasm-bindgenPng: 12Ogg: 4Ttf: 1
22No Loose Threadsbevy_editor_pls, bevy_kira_audio, randPng: 49Ogg: 5Ttf: 2, Wgsl: 1
23Bee Trailsbevy_asset_loader, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_trauma_shake, bevy_tweening, hexx, leafwing-input-manager, paste, rand, strum, webbrowserAseprite: 1, Png: 3, Svg: 1Ogg: 1Ttf: 1
24Go Tower Gobevy_egui, bitflags, criterion, derive_more, fixedbitset, itertools, once_cell, proc-macro-crate, proc-macro2, quote, serde, serde_test, syn, xshellTtf: 20
25Orbitaleany_vec, bitfield, bitflags, smallvec, wgpuGif: 5, Png: 1
26Icon Warsanyhow, bevy_egui, bevy_prototype_lyon, rand, serde, serde_json, thiserrorPng: 3, Svg: 1Ogg: 55Json: 3, Ttf: 3, Wgsl: 1
27Bullet hellbevy_asset_loader, randPng: 20Ogg: 1Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 1
28Gotta Have My Popsbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier2d, bigdecimal, log, num-format, randAseprite: 1, Png: 6Ogg: 2Ttf: 1
29A strange shepherd’s questanyhow, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_aseprite, bevy_egui, bevy_embedded_assets, bevy_nine_slice_ui, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_tweening, embed-resource, futures-lite, image, rand, rfd, ron, serde, webbrowser, winitAseprite: 7, Jpeg: 1, Png: 14Ogg: 5Glb: 6Ron: 5, Wgsl: 2
30Flock Flowbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_spatial, interpolation, rand, rand_chachaPng: 7Ogg: 16
31Wrong Turn at the Arcane Convention
32Queen Beevy
33Zombie Escape
34Hold The Linebevy_rapier2d, rand, serde, serde_jsonPng: 18Json: 1, Ttf: 1
35Backlog Breakdownbevy_mod_picking, bevy_rand, rand_corePng: 415Ogg: 5, Wav: 1Ttf: 1
36Trashurebevy-debug-text-overlay, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy-persistent, bevy_common_assets, bevy_egui, bevy_meshem, bevy_mod_debugdump, bevy_mod_raycast, itertools, once_cell, rand, serde, strum, uuidPng: 1Glb: 8Json: 1, Wgsl: 1
37Cheese Rolling: Foreverbevy_asset_loader, bevy_atmosphere, bevy_geppetto, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_xpbd_3d, cfg-if, derive_more, dolly, itertools, noise, rand, wasm-bindgenJpeg: 3, Png: 1Mp3: 1, Wav: 1Glb: 2Ttf: 1
38Herbstbincode, bitflags, delaunator, rand, serde, serde_json, strum, strum_macrosPng: 45Ogg: 2Ttf: 5, Wgsl: 7
39Many Towers
40Tower Quest 3200bevy_round_ui, bevy_xpbd_2d, rand, rand_distrAseprite: 10, Png: 14Ogg: 8Ttf: 1
41Alien Overloadbevy_egui, bevy_rapier2d, console_error_panic_hook, crossbeam-channel, itertools, leafwing-input-manager, rand, ron, serde, thiserror, tracing-log, tracing-subscriber, tracing-wasm, wasm-cookiesPng: 5Glb: 34, Gltf: 6
42Super Bug Smasherbevy_asset_loader, bevy_embedded_assets, randPng: 7Mp3: 3, Wav: 2Ttf: 1
44Santa Fighting Christmasbelly, bevy_turborand, bevy_xpbd_3d, itertools, rand, timeGlb: 7
45Santa F**cked Upbevy_editor_pls, bevy_framepace, bevy_rapier3d, leafwing-input-manager, randJpeg: 1, Png: 2Glb: 3Ttf: 1
47Bac Room
48Miner’s Mission
49Complexcityembed-resource, randPng: 12
50Fifty Two Card Pickupbevy-inspector-egui, copy_to_output, egui, lazy_static, randPng: 2Ogg: 4Ttf: 1
51Flora Causebevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_tweening, image, lazy_static, randAseprite: 24, Gif: 4, Png: 62Mp3: 20, Wav: 2Ttf: 2, Wgsl: 2
52Fridges must diebevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier3d, randPng: 5Mp3: 1, Wav: 5Glb: 10Ttf: 1
54A Humble Assortmentbevy_asepritesheet, bevy_egui, bevy_level_edit, bevy_prototype_lyon, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_screen_diagnostics, randAseprite: 5, Png: 5Json: 7
55Lots of Snow (Bevy Jam 4)bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_scroller, bevy_tweening, bevy_xpbd_2d, randAseprite: 4, Png: 17Ogg: 6
56RimGuard Realmsbevy-inspector-egui, bevy-trait-query, bevy-ui-dsl, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_easings, derivative, leafwing-input-manager, noisy_bevy, pathfinding, randPng: 68Ttf: 1
56Squirrel Game (Bevy Jam 4)console_error_panic_hook, image, rand, serde, serde_json, texture_packer, wasm-bindgen, web-sysPng: 1Ogg: 6Json: 1, Ttf: 1
58Ghost SurvivorsrandGlb: 4
60High in Spacebevy_mod_picking, bevy_polyline, bevy_screen_diagnostics, bevy_turborand, orbit_tessellation, rayonPng: 6, Svg: 2Ttf: 1
61bevy_jam4_click_defensebevy_asset_loader, bevy_xpbd_2d, embed-resource, image, webbrowser, winitAseprite: 9, Png: 11Ogg: 3
62Chain Reactionbevy-persistent, bevy-ui-navigation, bevy_prototype_lyon, bevy_tweening, chrono, circular-queue, dirs, rand, serde, webbrowserPng: 74Ogg: 5Otf: 3
63Mega Dodge Mayhembevy_egui, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_pkv, bevy_rapier3d, embed-resource, image, rand, serde, smooth-bevy-cameras, webbrowser, winit
64Social graph visualiserbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_easings, bevy_egui, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_panorbit_camera, forceatlas2, graph, randWgsl: 2
65Gumball Grapplebevy_atmosphere, bevy_toon_shader, bevy_xpbd_3d, embed-resource, image, instant, rand, webbrowser, winitKrita: 2, Png: 99Ogg: 1Ttf: 18, Wgsl: 2
66Maze of Many Missilesbevy-egui-kbgp, bevy-tnua, bevy-tnua-rapier2d, bevy-yoleck, bevy_egui, bevy_pkv, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_turborand, clap, dolly, leafwing-input-manager, ordered-floatBlender: 6, Glb: 5
67Voxel Vegetablesbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_voxel_world, cpal, embed-resource, image, itertools, lazy_static, noise, rand, strum, strum_macros, webbrowser, winitPng: 3Ogg: 2
68That’s a LOTbevy_asset_loader, bevy_common_assets, rand, rand_distr, serde, wasm-bindgenPng: 10Ogg: 5Json: 1
69Survivebevy_framepace, bevy_xpbd_2d, randPng: 30
70Liminal Combatbevy_gltf_components, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_billboard, bevy_mod_outline, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_pkv, bevy_xpbd_3d, randPng: 2, Xcf: 1Mp3: 1, Ogg: 1, Wav: 1Glb: 11Otf: 1
71Elevated Arcana
72Asteroid Storm
73Bevy da Vincibevy_mod_picking, log, rand, rand_chacha, rfd, simple-home-dir, urlencoding, webbrowser
74Recyclerbevy-progressbar, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier2d, cpal, embed-resource, image, rand, rapier2d, webbrowser, winitPng: 14Ogg: 2
75Satellite Defense
76Watchtower Defencebevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_tweening, cpal, embed-resource, image, rand, webbrowser, winitPng: 2Glb: 1
77The Last of Antsbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_egui, bevy_framepace, bevy_rapier2d, bytemuck, itertools, randPng: 8Ldtk: 3, Wgsl: 2
78Hive Jive
79Bevy Blast Ultrabevy-egui-kbgp, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_common_assets, bevy_easings, bevy_egui, bevy_gltf_blueprints, bevy_gltf_components, bevy_wasm_window_resize, bevy_xpbd_3d, egui_extras, image, leafwing-input-manager, serdePng: 19Ogg: 3Blender: 1, Gltf: 10Ron: 2
80Wow! That’s a lot of ANTities!
81Wildly Unfinished Entity Limit Game Jam Thing(TM)
82Stroopbevy-inspector-egui, rand
83Too Many Cells
84Zombie Gemsbevy_rapier2d, bevy_vector_shapes, randTtf: 2
85a cloud of hexlingsbevy_rand, rand, type-uuidPng: 1Ogg: 15Wgsl: 1
86Entity shooterbevy_asset_loader, randPng: 6
87NucleusTtf: 1


The same methodology as the previous jams’ analyses was followed, with some minor updates: