Bevy Jam #3 data exploration

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The third Bevy Jam offers an opportunity to look at how different people use Bevy (at least in the context of a game jam) in April 2023 - which features they use, which crates they use to augment Bevy, and also which asset types they use. This can help highlight commonly used features or dependencies that might encourage further development, or infrequently used or avoided features that may need better documentation, examples, or improvements.

It also offers an opportunity to compare this April 2023 state to August 2022 (Bevy Jam 2 analysis, second Bevy Jam) and February 2022 (Bevy Jam 1 analysis, first Bevy Jam).

Some summary highlights

Of the 78 entries (down from 84 entries last jam), 57 (vs. 67 last jam) had code repository links discoverable from their page. Of the top 25 entries, 20 (down from 22 last jam) had such links.


These are the direct expressed dependencies of the game project, representing what the game developer directly interacted with. I somewhat-arbitrarily decided what were “game development-related” vs. general Rust or infrastructural crates.

Bevy-specific dependencies

There were 66 unique dependencies built to work directly with Bevy (up from 43 last jam). 38 of these were new relative to the first jam (vs. 17 new last jam).

The highest-ranked new dependency is seldom_fn_plugin, which allows the use of Rust functions in place of Bevy Plugin structs.

Biggest upward movers are bevy_ecs_tilemap (up 11 spots to 8th), iyes_progress (up 22 spots to 8th), and bevy_pkv (up 19 spots to 11th).

RankDependencyAll entriesTop 25 entriesCategoryDescription
1 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy_kira_audio259AudioPlugin to use Kira, providing sound mixing and other features not available in the base audio plugin.
2 (πŸ“‰1)bevy-inspector-egui229DebuggingProvide ECS inspection via egui.
3 (=)bevy_asset_loader208AssetsPlugin to reduce boilerplate around asset loading, especially around game states transitions.
4 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy_rapier2d144PhysicsPlugin to use Rapier’s 2D physics engine
5 (πŸ“ˆ1)leafwing-input-manager124InputAn input manager providing an ergonomic interface over the lower-level input system in Bevy
6 (πŸ“ˆ2)bevy_egui112Debugging / UIPlugin to set up and manage egui usage
7 (=)bevy_rapier3d104PhysicsPlugin to use Rapier’s 3D physics engine
8 (πŸ“ˆ11)bevy_ecs_tilemap732D Games / TilemapsPlugin for tilemap rendering
8 (πŸ“ˆ22)iyes_progress73AssetsBevy plugin to help implement loading states (fka bevy_loading)
10 (πŸ“‰1)bevy_editor_pls72Debugging / CreationWIP editor-use-case tooling
11 (πŸ“ˆ19)bevy_pkv63StoragePersistent key value store for apps/games
12 (πŸ“ˆ5)bevy_mod_picking603D GamesPlugin for 3D mouse picking
13 (πŸ“‰4)bevy_tweening52AnimationTweening animation plugin.
14 (πŸ“‰3)bevy_prototype_debug_lines51DebuggingPlugin providing a simple line drawing API
15 (πŸ“‰1)bevy_ecs_ldtk432D Games / TilemapsPlugin to integrate with the LDtk 2D level editor
16 (πŸ†•)seldom_fn_plugin41ErgonomicsAllows using Rust functions in place of Bevy plugins
17 (πŸ“‰5)bevy_common_assets32AssetsBevy plugin adding support for common asset formats such as json and yaml
17 (=)bevy_easings32AnimationsEasings on components using interpolation.
17 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_debugdump32DebuggingVisualization tools for bevy
20 (πŸ†•)bevy_dolly31CameraPrototype Bevy plugin using the dolly crate
20 (πŸ“ˆ6)bevy_turborand31RandomnessA plugin to enable random number generation for the Bevy game engine, built upon turborand
22 (πŸ“ˆ8)bevy_atmosphere30RenderingProcedural sky rendering plugin
23 (πŸ†•)belly21UIDeclarative UI library
23 (πŸ†•)bevy-tnua21ControllerA floating character controller for bevy_rapier
23 (πŸ†•)noisy_bevy21Randomness / NoiseProcedural noise primitives for Bevy
26 (πŸ†•)bevy_hanabi20RenderingHanabi GPU particle system for the Bevy game engine
26 (πŸ“ˆ4)bevy_mod_outline20Renderingdrawing outlines around meshes using the vertex extrusion method
26 (πŸ†•)oxidized_navigation20PathfindingA Nav-Mesh generation plugin for Bevy Engine.
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_audio_plus11AudioComponent based 2D audio using bevy_kira_audio
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_fps_controller11ControllerBevy plugin that adds a Source engine inspired FPS movement controller
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_framepace11RenderingFramepacing and framelimiting for Bevy
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_aseprite11AssetsA plugin for using Aseprite animations in Bevy.
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_pixel_camera11Camera / RenderingA simple pixel-perfect camera plugin for Bevy, suitable for pixel-art.
29 (πŸ†•)bevy_polyline11RenderingPolyline Rendering for Bevy
29 (πŸ“ˆ1)bevy-debug-text-overlay11DebuggingConvenient debug text overlay plugin.
29 (πŸ†•)bevy-parallax11RenderingA Bevy plugin for creating a parallax effect
29 (πŸ“‰6)bevy-ui-navigation11UIA generic UI navigation algorithm for the Bevy engine default UI library.
29 (πŸ†•)bevycheck11InternalsHelpful bevy error messages by proc-macro
29 (πŸ†•)smooth-bevy-cameras11CameraBevy camera controllers with buttery, exponential smoothing
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_console10Debugging / UIDeveloper console for bevy
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_dice10?Physics-based dice rolls for bevy
40 (πŸ“‰14)bevy_embedded_assets10AssetsEmbeds assets into the binary for easier releases.
40 (πŸ“‰10)bevy_mod_raycast103D GamesAllows easy 3D ray casting against meshes
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_reqwest10?Use reqwest with the bevy runtime in the same way on both web and native
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_mod_sysfail10ErgonomicsProcedural macro to handle system failure
40 (πŸ“‰24)bevy_ninepatch10UISupport 9-patch images - let you have a UI that scales only the right parts of your images
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_pancam10CameraA 2d-camera plugin for bevy that works with orthographic cameras.
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_picking_core10UIA modular picking plugin for Bevy
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_picking_highlight10UIHighlights picked objects from bevy_mod_picking
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_picking_input10UIDefault inputs for bevy_mod_picking
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_picking_sprite10UIEnable picking bevy Sprites using bevy_mod_picking
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_pixels10RenderingBevy plugin that uses Pixels (a tiny pixel buffer) for rendering
40 (πŸ“‰26)bevy_prototype_lyon102D graphicsPlugin to use Lyon, a 2D graphics library in Rust using path tessellation.
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_replicon10NetworkingHigh level networking for the Bevy game engine
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_sprite3d10RenderingUse 2d sprites in a 3d bevy scene.
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_titan10Assetsload textures atlas from spritesheet manifest files written in ron
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_trickfilm10Assetsload spritesheet animations from manifest files written in ron
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_wasm_window_resize10Platformmakes application canvas match window size
40 (πŸ†•)bevy_wave_collapse10Algorithmsimplementation of the waveform collapse algorithm for bevy
40 (πŸ“‰17)bevy-egui-kbgp10Debugging / UIimproved keyboard and gamepad usage for egui in Bevy
40 (πŸ†•)bevy-vfx-bag10GraphicsAn assortment of visual effects for use with Bevy applications
40 (πŸ“‰10)bevy-yoleck10CreationYour Own Level Editor Creation Kit
40 (πŸ†•)pixelate_mesh10RenderingApply a pixelation effect to any Bevy mesh or scene without post-processing.
40 (πŸ†•)seldom_state10AI / AlgorithmsComponent-based state machine plugin for Bevy
40 (πŸ†•)spew10ErgonomicsHelper for spawning objects in Bevy
40 (πŸ†•)warbler_grass10GraphicsA bevy plugin for creating 3d grass in your game

Non-Bevy-specific gamedev dependencies are still growing by total number used (30 this jam, 25 in the second jam, 15 in the first jam), but are overall infrequently used - only 6 of these dependencies are used by more than one entry.

RankDependencyAll entriesTop 25 entriesCategoryDescription
1 (=)rand4114RandomnessRandom number generation with multiple generators across multiple generation types
2 (πŸ“ˆ1)image145GraphicsBasic image processing, converting to and from various image formats
3 (πŸ“‰1)winit134PlatformCross-platform window creation library
4 (=)noise31NoiseProcedural noise generation library covering gradient, fBm, and Worley noise
5 (πŸ“ˆ3)getrandom21RandomnessUse operating system-sourced random data
5 (πŸ“ˆ3)rand_chacha21RandomnessCryptographically secure random number generation using ChaCha
7 (πŸ†•)bracket-algorithm-traits11AlgorithmsTraits required for the bracket-* crates.
7 (πŸ†•)bracket-geometry11AlgorithmsGeometry utilities. Rect, lines, circles, distance calculations.
7 (πŸ†•)bracket-pathfinding11AlgorithmsPathfinding and field-of view utilities.
7 (πŸ†•)egui_dock11UIDocking support for `egui`
7 (πŸ†•)egui-gizmo11UI3d transformation gizmo built on top of the egui library.
7 (πŸ“ˆ9)euclid11Graphicssmall library for geometric types with a focus on 2d graphics and layout
7 (πŸ“‰2)interpolation11Animation+Interpolating between two numbers (finding points between on some non-uniform scale, often curves)
7 (πŸ“ˆ9)lerp11Graphics / MathsGeneric linear interpolation and extrapolation
7 (πŸ“ˆ9)pathfinding11PathfindingImplementations of several pathfinding, flow, and graph algorithms
7 (πŸ†•)rand_pcg11RandomnessImplements a selection of PCG random number generators.
7 (πŸ†•)rodio11AudioAudio playback library
7 (πŸ†•)spring_motion11AnimationSmall&simple spring spring motion library
19 (πŸ†•)yarn-spinner-rs10DialogueInterpreter for the Yarn language
19 (πŸ“‰11)benimator10AnimationPlugin for sprite sheet animation
19 (πŸ†•)big-brain10AIUtility AI library for games
19 (πŸ†•)colorgrad10Graphicscolor scales library for data visualization, charts, games, maps, generative art and others.
19 (πŸ“‰11)egui10UIEasy-to-use immediate mode GUI that runs on both web and native
19 (πŸ†•)egui_commonmark10UIA commonmark viewer for egui
19 (πŸ†•)graphalgs10AlgorithmsGraph algorithms based on the Rust ‘petgraph’ library.
19 (πŸ†•)indextree10AlgorithmsArena based tree structure by using indices instead of reference counted pointers
19 (πŸ†•)inline_tweak10ErgonomicsTweak values directly from the source code
19 (πŸ“‰11)rand_distr10RandomnessSampling from random number distributions
19 (πŸ†•)renet_visualizer10Debugging / NetworkingEgui metrics visualizer for the renet crate
19 (πŸ†•)vek10MathsGeneric 2D-3D math swiss army knife for game engines


Asset Categories

Audio continues to become more prevalent in the jam, despite 6 fewer entries, 5 more entries had audio assets in this jam over the last.

Asset CategoryAll entriesTop 25 entries
Image51 (πŸ“‰1)19 (πŸ“‰3)
Font46 (πŸ“‰7)20 (πŸ“‰1)
Audio40 (πŸ“ˆ5)15 (πŸ“‰3)
Model17 (πŸ“‰1)5 (πŸ“ˆ1)
Shader11 (=)5 (=)
Data8 (πŸ“‰2)5 (πŸ“ˆ1)
Level5 (=)3 (πŸ“ˆ1)

Font asset formats

Fira remains the only family that is used by more than a single entry.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
TrueType (ttf)42 (πŸ“‰12)18 (πŸ“‰2)
OpenType5 (πŸ“ˆ1)3 (πŸ“ˆ1)

Image asset formats

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
PNG49 (πŸ“‰10)18 (πŸ“‰4)
Aseprite6 (πŸ“ˆ1)2 (=)
JPEG5 (πŸ“‰1)3 (=)
Gimp (xcf)2 (=)1 (=)
Ktx22 (new)1 (new)
SVG1 (πŸ“‰2)1 πŸ“‰1
Krita1 (πŸ“‰1)0 (πŸ“‰2)

Audio asset formats

Ogg remains in the lead while Wav and Mp3 usage grew. FLAC was used for the first time in two entries.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
Ogg27 (=)11 (πŸ“‰4)
Wav11 (πŸ“ˆ4)4 (=)
Mp38 (πŸ“ˆ3)4 (πŸ“ˆ2)
FLAC2 (new)1 (new)

Model asset formats

3D model usage remained steady overall (17 entries total vs. 18 last jam, 5 in top 25 vs. 4).

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
GLTF Binary (glb)11 (πŸ“‰3)3 (=)
GLTF JSON (gltf)6 (πŸ“ˆ1)3 (πŸ“ˆ2)
Blender6 (πŸ“ˆ4)2 (πŸ“ˆ1)
OBJ1 (πŸ“‰1)0 (πŸ“‰2)

Level asset formats

LDtk remains the preferred (and only) general format for level assets.

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
LDtk5 (=)3 (πŸ“ˆ1)

Shader asset formats

Use of shaders increased significantly (11 entries vs. 4 last jam), with WGSL sitting alone (vs. two entries using SPIR-V last jam).

(Since this relies on extensions, this can be fairly inaccurate.)

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
WGSL11 (=)5 (=)
GLSL1 (new)1 (new)

Data formats

(Since this relies on extensions, this can be fairly inaccurate.)

Asset FormatAll entriesTop 25 entries
Ron5 (πŸ“ˆ3)4 (πŸ“ˆ3)
Json3 (πŸ“‰2)2 (πŸ“‰1)
Cbor1 (new)0 (new)
Toml1 (πŸ“‰1)0 (=)

Game dependency and asset data

RankTitleDependenciesImage AssetsAudio AssetsModel AssetsOther Assets
1LinkSiderbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_ecs_tilemap, serde, serde_jsonPng: 19Mp3: 1, Ogg: 5, Wav: 10Ldtk: 1, Ttf: 1
2Neon Breach: Tower Defenceactix-cors, actix-files, actix-web, actix-web-httpauth, base64, biscuit-auth, clap, hex, hmac, js-sys, rand, reqwest, serde, serde_dhall, serde_json, sha2, sqlx, time, tokio, ureq, uuid, wasm-bindgen, wasm-bindgen-futures, web-sysTtf: 1
3Battle for Rattoriaanyhow, bevy_audio_plus, bevy_egui, bevy_kira_audio, bitflags, embed-resource, enum-map, image, lerp, rand, ron, serde, serde_json, strum, strum_macros, web-sys, winitPng: 82Ogg: 85Json: 2, Otf: 1, Ttf: 4
4Robotic Grid-based Breakoutbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_mod_aseprite, bevy_tweening, embed-resource, image, winitAseprite: 7, Png: 6Ogg: 5Ldtk: 1, Ttf: 1
5Beside Yourself
6Alchemist’s Apprenticeanyhow, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_common_assets, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_pixel_camera, getrandom, rand, rand_chacha, serdePng: 39Wav: 4Ron: 2, Ttf: 1
7No rats were harmedbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_rapier3d, pathfinding, randPng: 2Blender: 1, Gltf: 1Ttf: 3
8ranosbevy_asset_loader, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_framepace, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_pkv, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_tweening, bevycheck, bracket-algorithm-traits, bracket-geometry, bracket-pathfinding, embed-resource, image, interpolation, iyes_progress, leafwing-input-manager, paste, rand, seldom_fn_plugin, serde, winitPng: 11, Svg: 1Ogg: 10Otf: 1
9WARLORDbevy_rapier2d, bitflags, bytemuck, leafwing-input-manager, noisy_bevy, randPng: 1Mp3: 8Glsl: 2, Otf: 1
10Mind your sides
11Side Vein EffectrandPng: 6Ogg: 2Ttf: 1
12Cats Always Land on their Feetbevy_common_assets, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_mod_debugdump, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, bevy_turborand, leafwing-input-manager, serdePng: 11Ogg: 3, Wav: 1Ldtk: 1, Ron: 1, Ttf: 1
13Sai Defects
14Bacon Breakawaybelly, bevy-debug-text-overlay, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_easings, bevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_math, bevy_rapier2d, iyes_progress, rand, rodioJpeg: 3, Png: 11, Xcf: 4Mp3: 4, Ogg: 4Ttf: 1
15Overdosedbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_easings, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_debugdump, bevy_rapier2d, egui-gizmo, egui_dock, rand, ron, serdeJpeg: 1, Png: 13Wav: 2Ron: 5, Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 5
16UNDEFENDED!bevy-inspector-egui, bevy-tnua, bevy-ui-navigation, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_dolly, bevy_rapier3d, crossbeam-channel, leafwing-input-manager, rand, ron, serde, web-sysPng: 1Ogg: 6Glb: 11Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 1
17A High Stakes Affairbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_pkv, rand, serdePng: 112Mp3: 4, Ogg: 44Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 1
18we don’t talk about remiebevy_pkv, console_error_panic_hook, noise, yarn-spinnerAseprite: 1, Png: 17Blender: 1, Glb: 1Ttf: 1
19Truffle Runbevy-parallax, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_kira_audio, embed-resource, image, rand, winitPng: 18Ogg: 6Ron: 1, Ttf: 1
20Traversebevy_asset_loader, bevy_egui, bevy_fps_controller, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_polyline, bevy_rapier3d, iyes_progress, rand, rand_pcg, serde, serde_jsonKtx2: 46Flac: 25Gltf: 61Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 10
21Suborbitalrand, webbrowserPng: 14Ttf: 1
22Cakebevy-inspector-egui, euclid, ndarray, rmp-serde, serde, slotmap, spring_motionPng: 48Ttf: 1
24Tranquil General
25Blasicbevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier3d, image, include-flate, serde, serde_json, smooth-bevy-cameras, strumJpeg: 3, Png: 48Ogg: 28Glb: 3, Gltf: 1Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 1
26Fungal Furybevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_egui, randPng: 9Ogg: 13Ttf: 2
26Pist Offbevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_outline, bevy_mod_picking, embed-resource, graphalgs, image, indextree, inline_tweak, rand, winitJpeg: 1Gltf: 1Ttf: 1
28Extreme Bounce Party 2000bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_tweening, bevy_wasm_window_resize, instant, iyes_progress, randPng: 9Ogg: 17Ttf: 3
29The Grand Escapebevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, embed-resource, image, rand, winitPng: 1Ogg: 1Ttf: 1
30Hen Rescue Herobevy_mod_debugdump, bevy_pixels, rand, wasm-bindgenAseprite: 3, Png: 3
31Potion Panic!
32Sigil Siegebevy_mod_picking, bevy_tweening, randPng: 4Glb: 17
33Claustrophobiabevy_ecs_tilemap, serde, serde_jsonPng: 9Ldtk: 1, Wgsl: 1
34Side Swapbevy_rapier2d, randPng: 6Wav: 8Ttf: 1
35Newtons Third TD
37Powerbevy_asset_loader, bevy_atmosphere, bevy_dolly, bevy_egui, bevy_mod_raycast, console_error_panic_hook, egui_commonmark, grid, noisy_bevy, quantities, strum, strum_macrosPng: 13Flac: 1Blender: 6, Gltf: 6
38Chasing Donutsbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier3d, leafwing-input-manager, randPng: 2Ogg: 1, Wav: 4Glb: 1Ttf: 1
39Radiation Situationbevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_kira_audio, bitmatch, bytemuck, enum-map, fixedbitset, leafwing-input-manager, rand, seldom_fn_plugin, seldom_state, vekPng: 27Ogg: 1Ttf: 1
40Rusty Towersrand, wasm-bindgenKtx2: 3, Png: 187Ttf: 2
41Gardening Gunbevy-egui-kbgp, bevy-tnua, bevy-yoleck, bevy_egui, bevy_pkv, bevy_rapier2d, clap, leafwing-input-manager, ordered-float, serdeBlender: 8, Glb: 7Ttf: 1
42Junk Martbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_tweening, embed-resource, image, lazy_static, rand, winitPng: 1Ogg: 14Glb: 7Wgsl: 1
43Labratsbevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_turborand, leafwing-input-managerKrita: 7, Png: 7Wav: 4Ttf: 2
45Farmer Survivorbevy_ecs_tilemap, bevy_rapier2d, randAseprite: 9, Png: 12Ogg: 12Ttf: 4
46Inner Demons
47JumprPng: 1Wav: 3
48Bob’s Adventurebenimator, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_ecs_ldtk, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_rapier2dAseprite: 10, Png: 20Mp3: 1Ldtk: 1, Ttf: 22
49Side Turret Defensebevy_egui, console_error_panic_hook, randPng: 10Ogg: 1
50Cursed Spellsbevy_rapier2d, rand, rand_distrPng: 5Mp3: 3, Wav: 3Ttf: 1
51TerraformOtf: 12
52Mixity Concoctionbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_embedded_assets, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, bevy_rapier3d, lazy_static, leafwing-input-manager, rand, smallvecPng: 2Ogg: 26Gltf: 10Cbor: 1, Json: 1, Wgsl: 1
53We Have Hospital at Homebevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, embed-resource, image, rand, winitPng: 1Ogg: 1Ttf: 1
54Ligma: The fourth Trimesterbevy_rapier2d, bevy_turborand, instant, randPng: 8Ogg: 6Ttf: 1
55Ghost Girl Gathers.
56Chromatiq Core
57Monster Mixer: Potions & Consequences
58Luna’s Libationsbevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audio, embed-resource, image, rand, winitPng: 16Ogg: 3Ttf: 1
59BackgammonOnBevybevy-inspector-egui, bevy_dice, bevy_gltf, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_rapier3d, itertools, randPng: 1Mp3: 1, Wav: 2Glb: 3Ttf: 1
60Cardinal Points
61Expiry Datebevy-inspector-egui, bevy_kira_audio, bincode, rand, serde, serde_jsonPng: 10, Xcf: 1Wav: 3Json: 5, Ttf: 1
62Stellar Squeezeboxasync-compat, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_reqwest, bevy_prototype_lyon, bevy_rapier2d, bevy_replicon, clap, egui, futures-lite, leafwing-input-manager, rand, renet_visualizer, reqwest, serde, serde_json, smallvecMp3: 2Otf: 1
63Herbal-Alchemybelly, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_console, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_ninepatch, bevy_pkv, bevy_wave_collapse, bitflags, clap, embed-resource, fixed, image, indexmap, iyes_progress, lazy_static, rand, ron, serde, strum, strum_macros, thiserror, uuid, winitPng: 36Ogg: 1Blender: 2, Obj: 4Ttf: 1, Wgsl: 1
64Frankbevy_rapier2d, bevy_titan, bevy_trickfilmAseprite: 5, Png: 5Ttf: 2
65S’idleffectbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_easings, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_pancam, bevy_picking_core, bevy_picking_highlight, bevy_picking_input, bevy_picking_sprite, bevy_pkv, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, instant, rand, rand_chacha, serde, serde_jsonTtf: 2, Wgsl: 1
66Side Effects
68too many pillsbimap, rand, serdePng: 25Ttf: 2
69The Tanukis’ Tripbevy_atmosphere, bevy_egui, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_outline, bevy_rapier3d, bevy_sprite3d, big-brain, colorgrad, console_error_panic_hook, embed-resource, image, iyes_progress, leafwing-input-manager, log, noise, oxidized_navigation, rand, winitPng: 7Ogg: 8Glb: 6Ttf: 2
70Towerish Side Effectsanyhow, bevy-inspector-egui, bevy-vfx-bag, bevy_atmosphere, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_egui, bevy_hanabi, bevy_mod_picking, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, bevy_rapier3d, image, rand, seldom_fn_plugin, strum, stylist, web-sys, winit, yewPng: 4Blender: 2, Glb: 34Ttf: 2
71Egg Slashanyhow, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_common_assets, bevy_dolly, bevy_editor_pls, bevy_egui, bevy_hanabi, bevy_kira_audio, bevy_mod_sysfail, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, bevy_rapier3d, bitflags, bytemuck, chrono, embed-resource, getrandom, glob, image, indexmap, iyes_progress, leafwing-input-manager, noise, oxidized_navigation, pixelate_mesh, rand, regex, ron, seldom_fn_plugin, serde, spew, strum, strum_macros, unicode-segmentation, warbler_grass, wasm-bindgen, winitJpeg: 2, Png: 4Ogg: 8Glb: 9Ron: 2, Toml: 1, Wgsl: 3
72Dr. McCaw’s Side (FX) Show
73Pill Pusher
74Zombeats (Game Jam)
75Ol’ Bethy’s Stairway to Heavenbevy-inspector-egui, bevy_asset_loader, bevy_kira_audioPng: 13Ogg: 1
76Slime game
77Block Blaster
78Ballooning Bullion


The same methodology as the first jam’s analysis was followed, with some minor updates: